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Thursday, September 08, 2005

I Like the Word 'Horrendous' ...

All I ever wanted was a London Fog* this morning. So I went to Starbucks and I asked for it in the language they use (because 'London Fog' is the term a different coffee company uses and thus it's against Starbucks-rules). And the barista asked me all snottily ('snottily' is a word thankyouverymuch): 'like, a London Fog?' *sigh* whatev.

But then the other barista said 'hey have you ever tried it with half & half instead of the regular milk? It's SO GOOD.' I hadn't tried it and being only slightly awake I agreed to it without considering the fact that half & half is that cream you put in coffee that's a million percent milk fat**.

It tasted the same. And now I'm getting fatter by the second. Sucks to the baristas with horrible ideas.

*London Fog: Steamed milk + Earl Grey tea + vanilla / hazelnut syrup = YUMMY

** I looked on the half & half carton and it's 10% milk fat -- TEN PERCENT! That means times it by ten and you have complete milk fat!! (okay nevermind, I was never good at math)


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