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Monday, June 09, 2008

Don't Be Part of the Problem; Be Part of the Solution!

My prob with Father's Day used to be that, well, I HATED all dads. Every single last one of them. Even the ones that looked like good ones, I knew were secretly bad.

But now?

Well, due to a revolution of sorts in my life, I have a different sort of problem. I have to fandangle celebrations for all of the dads in my life ... Don't I?

My husband -- the most wonderful and funny dad that I have ever known (and the most important one on this list fo sho)
My stepdad -- might as well be my real dad, he has turned out to be quite a good man and I love him dearly
My real dad -- the sort of dad no one wants to have. He's selfish and leaves a path of destruction everywhere he goes ...
My grandfather -- my real dad's dad ... Quite possibly the most amazing, patient, wonderful man in the world and I adore him.Joel's middle name is after him ...
My husband's dad -- a good one, and important on my list as well ...

So vot do I do?

Although I would definitely feel guilty ... I think I just want to ignore them all (except for a phone call of course, and maybe having them over some other time) ... And spend the whole day celebrating the fact that my darling husband, the father of my two beautiful boys and our family is my favorite little grouping of people that I have ever had the honor to be a part of ...


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