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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Favorites Ever ...

Have you ever watched Martha Stewart? Is she not the most socially awkward person ever? She is just so strange. Like when she had Snoop Dogg on her show and was getting him to say words with 'izzle' on the end ...
Martha: what's this? [pointing to a knife]
Snoop: a shiv
Martha: what's this? [pointing to a napkin]
Snoop: uh, a napkin

This went on for a few minutes. Unfortunately I was nursing my baby and couldn't reach the remote. Life is hard like that sometimes but I have endured it. Anyways, I mentioned Martha because she decided to do a favorite things list, but all the things on her list are from her own brand.

Dear Martha,
You have some good ideas, but you are lame.
Love, Anika
P.S. You have been to jail, you should know what a shiv or shank is. COME ON

As I was drinking my second of many cups of coffee this morning, I was thinking about how blessed I am. And how much I love my life. So here is a list of my favorite things ever:

- the fact that my 10-year-old son wants to see Mall Cop and my step dad is going to take him to it because secretly he loves movies like that
- my painted red kitchen
- hearing Jacob walk through the front door from school and standing at the top of the stairs with Joel to greet him
- fresh coffee with Coffeemate in it
- doing the laundry (ok so maybe it's not my absolute favorite thing ever, but I like doing it)
- watching hockey with all of my boys (this includes Jacob's games because they actually are pretty good)
- taking videos and pictures of the ones I love
- cuddling up to Jason when we go to bed
- the mornings that we don't have to wake up right away, when Jacob brings Joel into our room. And they play together on our bed.
- Tim Hortons coffee
- getting mail from my friends
- my husband and my two boys and my mom and my stepdad and my sister
- Love Actually. I really cannot watch that movie too much, it is so perfect


Blogger Marianne said...

Martha is totally lame.

You....are not.

Love ya!!

January 13, 2009 12:10 PM  

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