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Thursday, September 15, 2005

No More Teachers, No More Books ...

Oh, wait a minute, other way around ... I started school last night. The first of three classes I need until I have my Psychology degree!* It was relatively interesting, my professor seemed nice, and the workload is pretty light compared to other classes I've taken.

The only downside was the girl sitting next to me, who I'm certain was homeschooled**. When she found out I'm only taking one class she said incredeously, 'Oh my gosh you're only taking one class?! You can do all the homework tonight then hahaha!' Yes, haha, you stupid-goodie-goodie-whose-mom-still-dresses-you-and-you-have-too-much-hair-on-your-upper-lip, I could do all the homework in one night. Except that I have a life and a job and a kid. So sklew lew.

In other news, I can't stop swallowing chewing gum. I bought a pack of that Trident Burst stuff (yum) and I just keep swallowing it by accident because it tastes so good.

*What can you do with a Psychology degree, you ask? Well, nothing really. But I like Psychology.
**If you were homeschooled and you're normal, I sincerely apologize for this comment.


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