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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Songs That Make Me Feel Like Everything Is Good and Right in the World*:

If you click on the links, it'll take you to the site where you can listen to the song ... Good times.

Play Something Country (Brooks & Dunn)
John Roland Wood (Aaron Pritchett)
Convoy (Paul Brandt)
Lets Get Drunk and Be Somebody (Toby Keith) -- they song thingy is about halfway down
Truck Got Stuck (Corb Lund)
Sin Wagon (Dixie Chicks)
Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond)
I Think You're Amazing (George Michael)
Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC)
Alcohol (Brad Paisley)
Back in the Saddle (some girls -- this one is superly hard to find, sorry)
The Gambler (Kenny Rogers)
Hurt So Good (John Mellencamp)
Truth About Men (Tracy Byrd)
Blame It On Your Heart (Patti Loveless)
I'm Gonna Fly (Paul Brandt)
The One (Gary Allen)

*and are, coincidentally on my last compilation cd, accurately entitled "Quite Possibly The Best CD I've Ever Compiled"


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