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Friday, May 12, 2006

Muthas ...

Moms that have had significant influence on my life ...

My mom: She is beautiful, she is fun, she is so kind. She encourages me when I need it. She is an amazing Grammie. I definitely wouldn't have made it in my life if it weren't for her unceasing love and prayers. She drinks wine. She's a great cook. She likes to believe the best in people (example: "She's not snotty, Anika. She's shy").

My Oma: She is my father's mom and I don't know how he managed to turn out to be a dud. My Oma is generous and funny and opinionated and a peace maker and she is very proud. She thinks there's no fat in her cooking. She dumped my Opa when they were dating because she "felt like it." She is short. She has had the same clothes for years. She never stops singing. She makes the best faces.

My father's wife: She is quite possibly the devil incarnate. She has keyed her stepkid's car. She has been verbally and physically abusive. She is fairly good at putting on a facade. She has stolen money from my son's piggy bank. She is condescending and curses people with her words. She is selfish and fat and incredibly ugly (inside & out). And my dad deserves her.

Hm. I really shouldn't end this post on a negative note. So here:

"Mothers are all slightly insane." ~J.D. Salinger


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