not skywalker

my name is anika. a-nick-a. not a-neek-a ... and yes, people HAVE told me before that it's like annikin skywalker. but i'm not.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Things I Crave Right Now:

- a good night's sleep (sans waking up and staying awake for hours, sans nightmares including but not limited to: the boy scaring me with a huge spider, a gross bug laying eggs in my mouth, and giving birth to a still born baby)
- melted cheese (like maybe on nachos, or just melted cheddar cheese on bread even)
- good music
- money (sidenote: I thought my love language was money but it actually isn't)
- swimming in a lake / boating
- a space to call my own where I can just be
- a banana chocolate milkshake (non fat of course)


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