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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dear God Part II ...

Dear God, I know I asked you this before, but I have some additions ...

Please send me a husband (boyfriend) that looks good in a cowboy hat (except now that I'm not into cowboys just a baseball hat will do) and is tall enough for me to wear high heels with and who my stepdad likes and who is fatter than me (and by 'fatter' I don't mean 'fat'. I just mean someone who's not skinnier than me) and who likes beer (but isn't an alcoholic, please) and who is happy in pictures and who Jacob loves so much and who makes me laugh (but not just in a polite you-were-trying-to-be-funny-so-here's-a-pity-laugh kind of way) and who likes to spend money (like me ... and on me) and who has the same spiritual and moral beliefs and who loves hockey (and fights in hockey) and who wants four more kids and who is protective and who will stick up for Jacob and I (but not confrontational or cocky) and who my sister doesn't have to be wary of and who is sensitive (but doesn't cry all the time) and who thinks I'm beautiful (even when I don't feel beautiful) and who is not selfish and whose mom doesn't make his lunch everyday even when he's in his 30s and who doesn't need big toys to compensate for other things and who means what he says (and doesn't just b.s. me all the time) and who does what he says he is going to do (and isn't all talk) and is truthful and who is not a quitter OR a loser.

Thank you again.

Love, Anika


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