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Monday, September 29, 2008

Only Because I'm a Sucka ...

1. Can you tap dance? No ... But I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue. Almost as good, right?

2. Do you own a pair of see-thru underwear? Yes of course. I'm a girl.

3. What color is the sky today? Mostly bluish.

4. Do you own a classic brown teddy bear? No. But my husband has his teddy bear from when he was a newborn. And last year I 'accidentally' donated it to charity. And he went to the charity and explained to them what had happened. And he got it back. And I will never ever attempt to donate Herbert again.

5. Is your favorite holiday Christmas? Yes absolutely.

6. Do you have an iPOD? Yah we do. I think everyone does.

7.If you had an iPOD mini, what color would you have? Green because it's my favorite color or maybe pink to match the headphones.

8. What song are you listening to? "So What" by Pink. But I'm not so much listening to it as it's stuck in my head. Why, Pink, why?!?!

9. Is it your favorite song? No because I have lots and lots of favorite songs.

10. How many blogs have you had? I think four. This was my second one, and I wrote and wrote and wrote ... And then I erased it all ... It was sad but I had to because of work ... And that is why I have one with no pictures now.

11. Have you ever made a blog survey? Never. But I have made Angel Food Cake and I like it.

12. Are you wearing any jewelry? My wedding rings of course ... And diamond hoop earrings that my step-dad picked out for me.

13. Where does your grandma live? One lives about 5 hours away -- I don't really like her and she doesn't really like me. We have an understanding. And the other lives about 20 minutes away. She is the best of all time, but she also happens to be the mother of my sperm donor. What happened there??? We will never know.

14. Are you an angry drunk? I'm an angry sober.

15. Do you prefer pen or pencil? Pen or felts. Or! Those Crayola Stamper felts. OR! Crayola Multicultural Felts.

16. Are you wearing deodorant? Yes. Spring Fresh!

17. Ever been in an earthquake? Yes, a little one. It woke me up and I thought my sister was shaking the bed so I told her to stop it. She didn't. The nerve.

18. Is your birthday this month? Almost. It is in October.

19. Do all guys suck? Who knows.

20. Are you afraid of the dentist? Well not so much afraid as I just plain old don't like them. I'm afraid of other things, like clowns and spiders and Forrest Gump and semi-trucks-with-teeth-on-the-grill.

21. Do you know exactly what car you want? I don't really care about cars that much. But I will tell you what I don't like. Smart Cars. They make me want to drive into them with my car. And I honk angrily every time I see them.

22. Have you ever bought something from ebay? Yes a lot. The last thing I bought was Home Alone.

23. Ever seen "Boy Meets World"? No.

24. Own a locket? Yes! Actually I lost it for probably 15 years and I just got it back. Do you know who was in it? My cousins on one side and Pavel Bure on the other. That is right.

25. Did you ever share a locker? No I don't think so.

26. Ever dissected anything? In high school a rat. And a baby squid and we got extra points if we cooked it and ate it in class. I got extra points.

27. Ever had a referral? A referral ... I've been referred to the massage therapist, that was nice. Is that even what the question means?

28. Still play with Legos? I LOVE Lego. I'm so happy that my 10-year-old plays with it because now I have an excuse.

31. Last time you wrote a note? I wrote a little note for my husband in his lunch the other day. And yesterday a shopping list. You tell me what he liked better.

32. Ever been on a cruise? Nope. But I've been cruisin' for a bruisin' more than once.

33. Ever gotten pregnant by someone on a cruise? Erm, no.

34. Dyed your hair? Oh certainly. Many times. Twice in one day even.

35. Like your handwriting? Nope. It's messy and man-like.

36. Do you eat? Do I ever.

37. Are you wearing lotion? Yes. Body lotion on my legs because I just shaved them. And face lotion as well.

38. Last time you talked on the phone? Last night.

39. Do you know what Victoria's Secret is? I think her secret is that no matter how boring or plain your outfit is, if you're wearing sexy underwear you feel hot. And it makes you have a great day!

40. Are you nice? Yes I'm a nice girl.

41. Ever been in love? I am in love with my husband.

42. What were you last Halloween? Pregnant, only it wasn't a joke. I also had to work.

43. Ever met a midget? No. They scare me (is that mean?)

44. Ever been to Cuba? Nope. But actually I was just talking with someone about Cuba and I think it's somewhere I'm interested in going.

45. Ever cut yourself shaving? Yes of course. And when I was in grade five -- FIVE! -- our teacher told us how he picked this lady up for a date and she had a sort of scab thing all the way up her calf and it was from shaving. Kind of a strange thing to tell a bunch of ten-year-olds, no?

46. Ever owned an exotic pet? No.

47. Is it your birthday? Almost.

48. Is it someone else's birthday? Not anybody I know.

49. Had a good day? Yes I have so far.

50. How long did this take you? Only short.


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