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Monday, June 06, 2005

I Caught the Bouquet ...

So who wants to marry me? (what, no takers? that's a shocker!)

My step-brother got married over the weekend in a town on Vancouver Island. It was a really pretty ceremony and a fun reception. Save for a few personality glitches the day before the event, it was really great to see him so happy. We stayed in a country-bumpkins-that-retired-and-now-do-tacky-crafts-all-day-long bed & breakfast that was at a beautiful location on the water.

We went shopping, defying my step-dad's proclamations that "Every trip is NOT a shopping trip!" and found some pretty glass beads to add to my hemp necklaces. My necklaces resembled crippled earthworms at the beginning, but my last couple really persevered.

My mom and I got a little tipsy at the wedding reception. I like to think I was fueled by my step-brother's comment that he had expected the guests to drink a lot more and his nonchalant shrug when I said that I didn't want to be the token drunk. However, I think I was a bit gone by that point already. I think my mom's wine extravaganza was partly due to the fact she had to meet my step-dad's ex-wife. But I digress. That night my mom said some things that are definitely worth noting:

"Hey how come we have the only green table?" (5 minutes prior to this question we had removed the white tablecloth because I spilled my caesar)

"The party is winding down? Well WE'RE winding UP!!!! right guys???" as she kept dancing and dancing

"Wait, do I like this song? ... I don't know it ... BUT I LIKE IT!!!" much to our chagrin, she just didn't stop dancing

It was good times, I tell ya, folks. You should really come on a family vacation with us (if you dare) ...


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