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Monday, August 22, 2005

Green Lights

When my sister and I were little(r) and we went driving with our fam, funny things happened. And by 'funny' I of course mean 'things that make me laugh my head off now, but were kind of annoying back then.'

She used to bark out the window. I think I already told you guys this, but it's just worth mentioning again that she rolled down her window and barked like a dog for the fun of it. When she realized this was a bit embarrassing to me, she'd bark and then duck beneath the car window so that people could only see lil ol' me in the backseat. Cool, Carly, you are so cool.

Another thing she did was this: when we'd be stopped at a red light, Carly would say 'please turn green please turn green please turn green' until the light actually did turn green. And then she would be so proud of her persuasive power over the traffic light.

Carly, sometimes nowadays if I'm waiting at a traffic light for too long I say 'please turn green please turn green please turn green' until it happens.

And I wish you still barked out the window.


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