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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

New & Improved ...

Revelation: sometimes our situations are wholly a product of our mindset. The way we think things are, that's the way they'll be. So in response, here's some things that make me thankful or excited or happy about my life:

- practically every time I see my Oma and Opa, they bring me groceries. They just pick up extra food when they go shopping just for me! Isn't that so cute?

- I'm taking a class right now that is actually interesting (despite the title: Worldview and the Biblical Story) and I don't even have to write a paper and it's at night so I don't have to miss any work and the total of the textbooks was $50 and after I'm done it I'll only have two more classes and I'll have my degree! Woohoo!!!

- Jacob likes school. And he likes the place he goes after school till I'm done work (they try to catch squirrels everyday, does it get any better than that?)

- I'm going to cut my hair off soon and then it will look good curly again (I have a bit of a prob with unruly curly hair that pretends to be straighter when it's long and it's all a bit ridic)

- we had pancakes yesterday for dinner. Yum.

- I watched the first 4 shows of Lost on dvd and I. Love. It. (but it's really scary -- I was washing my face last night and I kept getting soap in my eyes because every few seconds I had to open my eyes to make sure nothing scary was around)

- I've been introduced to the phrase 'leg-humping bandwagon.' Kind of great!!

More to come, guys, lots more to come.


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