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Monday, January 30, 2006

Break THIS Record ...

So yes, I went to Coldplay on Friday night. A. Mazing. U2 is still at the top of my list*, but this was fo sho a close second. Chris Martin said he had 'food poisoning' [translation: he was probably hungover], but it was still a fabulous show.

- they played Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire
- watching the severely intoxicated man with a horrible haircut stumbling around the halls, telling security he's sorry he was checking out their girlfriends
- during the song Yellow a whole bunch of huge yellow balloons dropped from the ceiling and when they popped a bunch of gold glitter exploded out of them -- what more could you even ask for?!
- a nice security guy gave me a pickle from his hamburger because I didn't get one on mine
- me and Jen singing at the top of our lungs

- guy in front of us with a really hairy neck wouldn't stop talking, despite the fact that him and his friends had 6 joints. SIX.
- opening act Fiona Apple. She made me want to sing the 'One of These Things Is Not Like the Other One' song from Sesame Street.
- 3 phone calls & 4 text messages during the concert from a friend who was outside a club asking if I could help her get in because she'd been waiting in line for 2 hours [S is a bouncer there]

... Here in Vancouver, BC we're hitting some records of rain. Whoot. 28 straight days. So I decided to encourage the weather to change by buying a bikini. And now I just want it to be summer.

*I don't know if there is a way to beat a free U2 music video shoot one night and then front row concert tickets the next night


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