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my name is anika. a-nick-a. not a-neek-a ... and yes, people HAVE told me before that it's like annikin skywalker. but i'm not.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ok Then ...

Well my friends, I wasn't trying to be sneaky or secret-y. I have always wanted to be mysterious, though, but regardless ...

The thing is that I'm thinking about and seriously considering getting back together with my ex-boyfriend. Now. Before I get in big fat trouble, lemme 'splain.

I broke it off with him because I fell out of love with him, or maybe I was looking for something different. And we were at a point in our relationship where you need to either keep going or break up because you're just, well, at that point. And there were some things we were both too stubborn* to compromise about. And maybe I was looking for something un-attainable.

HOWEVER. He is a good guy. He loves me. He is trustworthy and thoughtful. My fam even liked him. And so did my friends. And so did I. And so did Jacob.

So where does this leave me? Well ... extremely confused. And afraid of making the wrong decision. But also kind of excited.

*I can imagine your supreeze at my stubbornness.


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