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Monday, January 16, 2006

Carly Farley Oats and Barley

Sunday the 15th was my sister's 20th birthday. She is so beautiful and kind and totally hilarious. Things that I love about my sister:
- she cracks her toes when she's annoyed
- she has amazing style (as opposed to her horrific style as a kid)
- she finally realized that I was using reverse psychology when I always told her "Carly, please stay in my room ... If you have to leave, at least leave the door open!"
- she makes funny faces
- she used to eat butter by itself
- she has crazy amazing eyelashes
- she is sensitive
- she used to do little hand puppets with me in our car when we were kids if we were annoyed at our parents
- she has one straggly* tooth that makes her smile even more gorgeous
- she is extremely generous
- she used to make ugly faces with me in our dad's family pictures
- she is a cool auntie
- she has a nice voice (I used to make fun of her voice. But then people kept telling me that we sound exactly alike)
- she asked my grandma if she was pregnant once
- she has funny feet

And those are some of the reasons I love Carly.

*straggly? Not sure what this word actually means, but it seems to fit


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