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Friday, January 13, 2006

I'll Fight You and I'm Not Even Afraid ...

Well ... Once upon a time I posted about Friday the 13th. And since I'm still not feeling particularly creative, here it is again*:

In honor of today being Friday the 13th, I have compiled a list of ten things that I am afraid of (I'm sorry if some of them are politically incorrect, or irreverent, but I'm just telling the truth!) ...

1. Spiders. I don't care if they're so small you can barely see them, I'm so stinkin afraid of spiders I can barely work up the courage to squish them with my shoe (but I can't co-exist with a spider, so I have no choice)
I'm too afraid to even look up pictures.

2. Clowns. This may seem strange, but think about it, folks, clowns are extremely creepy. If they don't scare you already, imagine this: it's a dark and stormy night, you're alone in a forest, and you can hear creepy noises. All of a sudden a clown comes out of the bush and starts chasing you!! Yikes. Scarier still if he has a bloody arm or something. *shudder*
As I was updating this post, I found this website. This is by far the horriblest (yes it is a word) and scariest site I have ever seen.

3. Mosquitoes. I don't just hate mosquitoes, I am very seriously afraid of them. Ugh, they're such horrible little things. When I was younger and we went camping I'd smear bug repellent everywhere by where I'd be sleeping. I just can't handle mosquitoes.
Ok I couldn't find a 'scary mosquito' website. But I'm sure you're shaking in your boots right now.

4. Driving in the dark in the rain. This isn't the scariest thing ever in the whole history of the earth, but it's scary nonetheless. I always envision myself getting into a huge accident or something (anyone need a ride anywhere?)
The funniest thing is that I googled this and my own blog came up. Am I seriously the only one who's scared of this?!

5. Semi trucks with teeth on the grill. It's just so scary looking in your rear view mirror and seeing teeth. You never know what will happen ...


6. Calling Jacob to come inside and not hearing an answer or seeing him. This is not good, I hate that feeling. Enough said.
Update: He's getting really good at telling me where he's going.

7. Dark shadowy parts of pools. I don't know why, but even in pools, Jaws scenes fly through my thoughts. And I also hate being in the middle of a lake or ocean and you're just floating there in your life jacket and something touches your foot. GAAH so scary!!!
I found this. Even though it doesn't accurately portray my fear, I had to add it.

8. I kind of have to say this in code because it's not ... nice. You know that CSI episode called "A Little Murder"? Well ... that.
No Comment.

9. The movie called "The Neverending Story." Ugh, it just gives me the total creeps! SO SCARY!
Look it up. I know it doesn't necessarily look scary. But it's CREEPY!!

10. Thinking about the ingredients of mayonnaise scares me a bit. I mean, who thought to add all those things? Yikes!
Yes. This is still scary.

*I added some important things


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