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Friday, January 06, 2006

I Have A New Nemesis ...

It's the copier/fax machine at work -- it keeps jamming! GAAAAAH!!! Does it look like I know how to fix these things?! It delights in vexing me.

In the words of Stewie from Family Guy:
"You know, Copier/Fax Machine ... Life is a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get. Your life, however, is a box of ACTIVE GRENADES!"

However. I have learned a few VERY valuable lessons.
Counter-productive things to do when a copier/fax machine is jammed:
- swear and/or yell, or otherwise degrade it verbally
- take it apart with a screwdriver
- take it apart by kicking it or dropping it on the ground
- threaten it [this, of course, does not include threatening with active grenades]
- pretend that it works by trying to print more things from it

Productive things to do when a copier/fax machine is jammed:
- *ahem* I don't have anything for this list yet. I'll letcha know.


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