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Friday, December 23, 2005

Two More Sleeps!

I remember the Christmas when our Oma and Opa got us our first Cabbage Patch Dolls. I loved my doll. I wanted to be a mommy. I copied my mom (breastfeeding my sister) and 'breastfed' my doll.

I remember the awkward Christmases when Carly and I had to go back and forth between our mom's and our dad's. Just when I'd be settling in we'd have to leave ...

I remember the Christmas when the power went out and the turkey wasn't cooked enough and my father's wife was so angry and that made me glad.

I remember the Christmas when Jacob sat in a chair about 2 feet from the Christmas tree and just stared at it.

I remember the Christmas when I was bought so many amazing presents, but I didn't have money to get anyone much. I felt guilty.

I remember the Christmas I worked in retail and I didn't let a woman return something that wasn't bought at our store (she always tried scams like that). She told me we ruined her Christmas and that she didn't even want to celebrate anymore.

I remember the Christmas I spent at my friends' house. I think it hurt my mom a lot. I feel bad about it now.

I remember the Christmas ornament that was my absolute favorite. It was a tacky white treasure box thing with sparkles. U.G.L.Y. But I thought it was so beautiful and Carly and I used to argue over it.


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