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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bring It On ...

So this Christmas is going to be my first in 4 years that I'm not dating someone. And today this a little bit sucks*. So I looked to Googlism to make me feel better since I'm usually not allowed to drink on the job. Yeah I know I've used that site before in my blog. But I'm doing it again and Idon'tcarewhatyousay. Here's the results:

Dating is a sport
Dating is awkward
Dating is fatally flawed
Dating: is it necessary?
Dating is preparation for divorce
Dating is hell in Korea
Dating is just dumb
Dating is my own kind of hell

Being single is cool
Being single is truly an opportunity to create the life that you really want
Being single is ok in a relationship**
Being single is not having to interrupt shopping
Being single is a gift from God
Being single is underrated
Being single is fugging great
Being single is less lonely than being in a bad relationship

Well ... I feel better already!

*some days I'm extremely thankful for not having to be an active member of the dating pool
**I did not know this!


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