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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Best Moments of the Christmas Weekend:

- my friend Phil took me to the Canucks game on Friday -- the best game ever. I have never had more fun at a hockey game than that night.

- Jacob, looking at me with tears in his eyes on Christmas eve day: "Mom, I looked under the tree at our house and at Grammie's house and there's no presents for me from you." He thought I wasn't getting him anything! Poor little guy ... But when I told him that I just hadn't put them under the tree he said "even just one present from you is enough, mom" and it warmed my small heart.

- having our roommate Sunny, who's from Korea, join my fam for her first Canadian Christmas dinner -- she said it was a great memory for her and she 'felt like she was in a movie.' It was the cutest thing ever

- having a sleepover with my sister and simultaneously waking up on Christmas morning

- watching Jacob read his letter from Santa and giggle that Rudolph left half of the carrot to share with him. Kids are so full of wonder.

- playing games with the Nagtegaal's (my sister's boyfriend's family) on Christmas night. I won! Without cheating!

- getting to spend time with my family -- I. Love. Them.


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