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my name is anika. a-nick-a. not a-neek-a ... and yes, people HAVE told me before that it's like annikin skywalker. but i'm not.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Can't Nobody Love You Like I Love You ...

On the weekend, S and I stopped so that we could get a couple of essentials: coffee and lottery tickets. He went to the store for the lottery tickets and I picked up the coffees.
I waited for S by his truck and, noticing he was nowhere in sight, decided to sneakily eat some of the whipped cream off his mocha and put the lid back on so he wouldn't notice. Muahaha.
As I was being all sneaky-deaky he walked out of the little shop right behind me (he'd been talking to a friend) and yelled "I SO BUSTED YOU!!! I can't believe that you would eat all the whipping cream off my drink!"



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