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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BFF's and other Tragedies

I have a few great friends. I used to be a girl who liked to have a lot of people around me all the time. I have learned that it is far more important to have a few close and intimate friends.

I had my heart broken a few years ago. And shortly after that, my heart broken again -- this time by a girl who I had considered a good friend for a lot of years. The pain from the latter was the one that lasted the longest.

Surprisingly, I got over the guy very quickly (the heart is amazingly strong to heal). I made a list of what I wanted in a man, and soon Jason appeared in my life -- strangely enough, he had every single one of these qualities! Life is funny like that sometimes. I think God likes to remind us that the small-but-important things are important to Him too. This man loved me and I fell head over high heels with him. We are married. I love being married.

I have learned, over this last bit, about friendship.
I have learned that my husband loves me no matter what.
I've told him every last secret and he has told me his.
I have learned who is worth it and who is not.
And the ones who are worth it I keep in my heart.
I have learned that a sister is a kindred spirit.
A sister shares a bond that no other person can forge.
I have learned about conniving fakeness the hard way.
I have learned that to love and to be loved in return is so beautiful.
I've learned that I cannot live without my friends.


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