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Friday, June 10, 2005

Another One Bites the Dust

So ... at the demise of my latest 'relationship' I am beginning to wonder why I am not particularly crushed or emotional about it. Quite possibly, my emotions are just under the surface and will escape from me like some alien, unexpectedly, and kill everyone and run amuck and cause havoc all over the place. But maybe I've subconsciously decided to not let myself get emotionally attached.

At any rate (what does that even mean?) I feel more annoyed at wasting my time than anything else. I have no sadness for a friendship or romance lost. And I'm really having no problem adjusting to not having a boyfriend.

So I'm not going to worry myself into smithereens about getting my son a dad. In his words "I don't even want a dad. They're too bossy."

Back to the drawing board. For now, my life is funner as a single girl than as one half of a couple.



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