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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Quirky Quirkerson ...

I got tagged and I have to list my quirks. QUIRKS?! What makes you think I have any?? So instead, I'm listing things that are completely normal about me and it's weird that no one else does.

I already mentioned this one on a previous post, but when I'm walking on a sidewalk, if one foot steps over the cracks more times than the other foot, I feel lopsided and uneven.

I don't really like being touchy-touchy. Touchy-feely people that put their hands on me for no reason drive me bananas. And not in a good way.

My car-dancing is better than my real-dancing.

I hate it when my socks (or anyone's socks) hang off the end of my feet. Even when I was a kid, if one of my friends' socks were hanging off their feet I'd need to fix it for them (or at least point it out ... I don't like touching feet).

When I order Starbucks drinks I get nonfat milk but I get whipping cream. They kinda cancel each other out.

When people touch my neck it makes me gag.

Whenever I drive, I feel like I need to beat the other drivers (within an inch of their lives ... just joking, I just need to be faster than them).

I'm really good at Wheel of Fortune.

When I eat Smarties I need to separate the colors and eat them until all the colors have the same amount.

If there's money in my bank account, I need to spend it. Right. Now.

Sometimes when I see a license plate that has AE[another letter] I think it's a sign of what's going to be my last name when I'm married.


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