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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Canucks Got Beaten By a Far Superior* Team The Other Day, and Jerk is SO Dreamy I Can't Stand It!

So the Canucks lost two out of the three games played against the Avalanche. This is definitely due to the Avalanche's superiority. An Av player took out the Canuck's goalie (and then tried to take out the back up goalie as well), but this is absolutely not a contributing factor. I didn't see a 'C' in a space between the clouds and I'm pretty certain this had a lot to do with the Canucks' loss.

One Avs fan had a sign that said 'Bertuzzi wears pink panties.' That was my favorite sign. Bertuzzi saw it and laughed (it was probably an evil laugh -- I'm think it sounded like this: Muahaha muahahahahaAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

By the way, guys, have you noticed how DREAMY Jerk has been lately? I think about him day and night. I doodle 'Anika of All Trades' on paper all day and I scanned his picture and my picture together to see what our kids will look like. I'm going to dedicate a Shania Twain love song to him on MTV. *swoon*

*the hockey views in this post may or may not be a result of losing a bet with someone whose identification will be kept a secret in order to protect his or her privacy.


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