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Monday, March 13, 2006

What We Did This Weekend ...

On Friday Jacob had a substitute teacher at school [sidenote: his teacher is kind of an old woman and has blonde short hair]. He said to me "from behind I thought Mrs. Xxxx had dyed her hair black, but then the teacher turned around and it was a Korean man."

Time Out -- Krista, Janie and I went out to dance the night away Friday night ... So. Fun.


Saturday I bought some new shoes*

And Jacob was the only boy at a girl's birthday party. He was supposed to be one of two boys there (the other boy likes the birthday girl and vice versa, so Jacob was being the wingman). However. The other boy was sick and Jake ended up being the only boy. When the girl was opening her present from Jacob, he said "she's not going to hug me, is she?" and ended up spending most of the party being chased. C'est la vie when you're in grade 2.


Oh and today? I called in sick to work.

*I have the nicest sister on the face of the earth because she got shoes that are the same but a different color and she's not mad I got mine . At least I don't think she is. Carly? CARLY?!


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