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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Wheelin' Dealin' ...

So I decided to give Jacob an allowance of $2 per week and he has to do 'chores'*. This morning he told me he's saved up $27 for new Heelies**.
'Great job, Jacob!' I said, 'You only need $3 more and you'll be set!'
'Yeah,' he responded, 'after I get $2 from you this week you only have to give me $1 the next week.'
'Well you'll still get $2 for doing your chores and you can just use the extra dollar for something else' I told him.
Jake responded, 'Well you can just give me one dollar because after I get enough for new Heelies I'm gonna quit.'

*such as brushing his teeth, keeping his room clean, going to bed without getting up four billion times ...

**Jacob got Heelies for Christmas and one wheel broke, but he hadn't taken good care of them, so my parents told him that he needs to save up $30 towards new ones and they'll pay the rest.


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