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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I'm Ready for This Week to be Over ...

Mornings for me always seem rushed -- I'm always running just a few minutes behind and Jacob always seems to be doddling.

This morning was no different ... I was waking Jake up and supervising his choice in outfits and getting money for his hot lunch order and doing my hair and getting lunches ready and trying to look cuter than I feel ...

Jacob asked me what I was going to have for breakfast.
"Cereal, I think" and he got it out of the cupboard. He climbed up on the counter and got a bowl for me.
He asked me how much cereal I wanted.
"It's ok, I'll pour it" and I put some in the bowl while he got the milk out of the fridge.
I looked at the clock -- "Jacob, I'll pour the milk, please just put some toast in the toaster if that's what you're having! We're gonna be late!"

He put the milk down silently and started to make toast.
I felt like an asshole.
I went over and picked him up and sat down on the couch with him in my lap.
He had tears in his eyes.
And so did I.
I apologized.

Sometimes I need to stop and remember the important things.
I have the most amazing little kid in the world and he adores me.
And I adore him.

We got to his school just after the first bell had rung.


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