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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Good Things Come In Email Packages ...

Last night I finished my final exam, which was a take home paper on finding a common thread in 3 generations of my family and somehow tying it into class material. Afterwards I emailed the person at my University who's in charge of graduating to ask about applying to graduate as their office hours are also my work hours (my Oma and Opa and Janie and mom had alllll been asking me if I was going to go to the grad ceremony) ...


This morning I got this email:

"Hi Anika,

We actually received your application for graduation as a Bachelor of Arts last year. You don't need to apply again. You are eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony taking place at 6:30 on Saturday, April 29th. Please RSVP at blah blah blah"

I can't.
I didn't think this was important to me.
But it is.

Dear God,
Thank you!! I wasn't expecting this.
Love, Anika


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