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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

How To Get Over A Guy Part II

Since at least 6 people per day Google "how to get over a guy" and find my blog, I thought I'd add some helpful hints to Britton's original list. So here we go -- more helpful hints:

- cry a lot
- drink wine
- watch Sex & The City
- don't watch the episode where Carrie and Aidan finally break up
- buy all 6 seasons of Sex & The City on Ebay
- move into a really cute apartment and banish all ex-boyfriend paraphernalia
- cry
- believe your gay friend, when he kisses you on the lips, that you made him straight
- run away to Seattle and visit Shari
- pick up where you left off as a Make Out Bandit
- surprise yourself by laughing accidentally
- save a small space in your heart to believe, even though it's against all odds in your life, that love might be out there
- write to Jim because he's funny and sarcastic and has good points
- let Firefighter Jen and others bash the ex-boyfriend to hell
- make new friends
- be honest, but not explicit, with your son about how you feel when he asks -- he may surprise you with a picture, or by silently putting his hand on your shoulder as a symbol of solidarity
- let the people who love you take care of you
- learn to play poker
- learn your lesson once by mixing 222's, alcohol, muscle relaxants, and SSRI's


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