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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You Will Thank Me ...

So I missed some of last night's Bachelor episode due to dinner at my in-laws. Tragic? Perhaps, but thanks to the internet there are recaps galore, including the one by Chris Harrison (the host). I have never been a Bachelor(ette)-watcher. But sometimes there is a show that catches my attention because it is the most amazing and trashy thing I have ever seen.

The Bachelor is not quite as trashy as Rock of Love (hey, did you know that they're on their third season? How great is that?!) ... On the show there is, of course, the token catty one (Megan) and the token verging-on-stalker one with really big teeth (Shannon*). There is the my-husband-died-in-a-tragic-plane-crash one who isn't going to win** (Stephanie). My picks for this Jason character are Melissa and Jillian.



Also? I think I know who is going to win. And here's why: I took a look at this SPOILER because I like knowing the ends of movies and all that sort of thing. So DON'T GO THERE UNLESS YOU, LIKE ME, ENJOY KNOWING THE END OF THE STORY BEFORE YOU'VE READ THE WHOLE THING. Consider yourselves warned.

*Shannon actually looks like she's quite funny when you see outtakes and stuff
**Reasons Stephanie is not going to win:
1. Her eyebrows are kind of peculiar.
2. She is nice, but they don't click. As Kristin Baldwin wrote in her article, 'Watching the two of them together is kind of like watching an adult son make small talk with his dad's second wife — it's polite, stilted, and a little uncomfortable. Case in point, this exchange:
Stephanie: ''I'd love to meet Ty.''
Jason: [Silent chewing]'


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