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Thursday, February 26, 2009

This May Be Boring ... But It's Better Than Nothing (Perhaps)

I impressed Jacob by knowing the entire Fresh Prince of Bel-Air rap. And he impressed me by knowing some of Can't Touch This by MC Hammer.

I have been really excited about food. Including Birthday-Cake-Flavored-ice-cream-with-Butterfinger-and-raspberries. And vegetarian lasagna. And oranges (do they not smell SO GOOD?!). And cheeeeeeeese.

Joel clearly takes after his daddy because today when I was switching over the laundry, he took off his pants by himself.

Yesterday it snowed. Yick.

I am pretty excited about this new little baby. I really like being pregnant. I even kind of liked labour (hey, it was only an hour and a half long ... I'm sure if it was hours and hours I would feel differently) ... our little family of two quickly grew into a family of five. Craaaazy!

I'm not usually successful with plants. I can't tell you how many Venus Fly Traps I've killed in my lifetime. But maybe six. A lot. Anyways, these days I have an Aloe Vera plant and a Christmas Cactus and I hope they live! I also planted Sweet Peas, but seeing as it snowed yesterday, they might not make it.

I love my little family. You should come over for dinner sometime.


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