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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Runner Up For Father Of The Year ...

Or, alternately titled A Horrendous True Story That Makes Me Shake My Head Every Time I Think Of It, As Told By An Acquaintance To My Husband:

"The other day, Grace and I went shopping at the craft store for some craft supplies. And when we left, I realized she had taken a teddy bear and we hadn't paid for it."
*here comes the heart-warming moral lesson, right?*
"So I gave her a high five -- her first shoplift!"
This little girl is five-years-old. And that is a great example of a horrible parent.

I remember being little and after a visit to the dentist I was told I could choose a prize. Instead of taking one friendship bracelet, I took one of every color. And when my mom found out, I was made to go back, return them and apologize. I'm glad I learned that lesson.


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