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Friday, April 21, 2006

You'll Have To Excuse Me, I'm Not At My Best ...

I had an extremely frightening and horrible dream last night so I feel kind of drained today. But here's a survey!

1. Can you tap dance? No but I can ride a unicycle while holding a butcher's knife in my teeth and whistling any Eminem song.
2. Do you own a pair of see-thru underwear? Yes of course.
3. What color is the sky today? BLUE! It's going to be a beeeeautiful weekend and that is the most exciting news of today.
4. Do you own a classic brown teddy bear? I don't like teddy bears at all because lets face it, we don't sleep in a crib anymore.
5. Is your favorite holiday Christmas? Oh yes.
6. Do you have an iPOD? No I don't but my boyfriend does and my boyfriend could kick your iPOD's butt
7. If you had an iPOD mini, what color would you have? Pink. With sparkles. And feathers. And a garter.
8. What song are you listening to? Just the song that is in my head (You'll have to excuse me I'm not at my Best by Great Big Sea)
9. Is it your favorite song? One of many, my friend, one of many.
10. How many blogs have you had? One.
11. Have you ever made a blog survey? Nope.
12. Are you wearing any jewelry? Yes. My Shiva's eye ring and my Willy Wonka engagement ring and a hemp necklace that I made all by myself.
13. Where does your grandma live? Vernon.
14. Are you an angry drunk? Nope.
15. Do you prefer pen or pencil? Pen.
16. Are you wearing deodorant? Yes. And I hope you are too or I won't be your friend.
17. Ever been in an earthquake? Yes, little ones.
18. Is your birthday this month? No
19. Do all guys suck? There are a handful that don't.
20. Are you afraid of the dentist? No, I just think they are assholes.
21. Do you know exactly what car you want? Um, yeah, my DREAM car is a Toyota Corolla 4 door sedan. Her (his?) name is Rafiki and she (he?) races other cars and she (he?) wins a lot.
22. Have you ever bought something from ebay? Maybe once or twice. I really truly love Ebay.
23. Ever seen "boy meets world"? No.
24. Own a locket? I think I do somewhere but I'm not even sure where it is or anything. And it's small and I prefer non-small necklaces.
25. Do you share a locker? um, no
26. Ever dissected anything? Yes, it was actually kind of funny because they were rats and we had fun doing it, beside the smell. Now, the frogs I felt sorry for.
27. Ever had a referral? To where? To a specialist? No.
28. Still play with legos? Absolutely. Once I made this whole ski lodge out of lego and it was so great and fun and I ate Kool Aid crystals while I played.
29. Do you know when Easter is? Yes.
30. There is no #30. So I will make up my own: Are you excited to eat lunch? Yes absolutely.
31. Last time you wrote a note? A few weeks ago I wrote a love letter because I'm just nice like that. I'm not going to deny it.
32. Ever been on a cruise? No. But I've been told I'm "cruisin' for a bruisin'" many times
33. Ever gotten pregnant by someone on a cruise? Yes. Oh waitaminute ... I'm going to go with 'no.'
34. Dyed your hair? At least once a month.
35. Like your handwriting? Nope.
36. Do you eat? No I like to put all my food into a blender, add some water and drink it instead.
37. Are you wearing lotion? I always wear lotion.
38. Last time you talked on the phone? To my sister this morning.
39. Do you know what Victoria's Secret is? Yes. It's that she's afraid of clowns.
Dear Victoria, I share the same fear. They are creepy and weird, aren't they? And it's made worse by a bloody arm and things, right? By the way, can I have some free stuff? Thanks.
From Anika.
40. Are you nice? Some of the time yes and some of the time yes-but-only-in-my-heart.
41. Ever been in love? Yes.
42. What were you last Halloween? I can't remember. Musta been a big night out ... Oh wait, I was a Dutch girl complete with wooden shoes.
43. Ever met a midget? No *cough*
44. Ever been to Cuba? No.
45. Ever cut yourself shaving? Yes of course.
46. Ever owned an exotic pet? No. A son and roommates, though -- keeps my hands full.
47. Is it your birthday? Not till October 10th.
48. Is it someone else's birthday? Yes it's Jessica's birthday today.
49. Had a good day? It has only begun. I was late for work and traffic was annoying. But it's Friday.
50. How long did this take you? Seventeen hours.


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