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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

These Wounds Won't Seem To Heal ... This Pain Is Just Too Real ...

I warned him when we started dating that I don't believe in love.
He said he'll change my mind.
We dated for almost a year and I decided to cut the cord; we had disagreements about things that were fundamental to our relationship, such as spiritual beliefs and decisions on where we could and should live.
For 8 months after we broke up he didn't date anyone else. He pursued me, often announcing to anyone that would listen that he still loves me.
We began to talk about our past disagreements and found that we both were willing to compromise.
We decided that we would go forward from there. We were willing to make decisions to make our relationship work because it was worth it.
He said 'forever.'
I thought he meant it. And he decided that he is unwilling to try anymore.
He dumped me over the phone.
I don't know why he pursued me for so long just to quit.
I don't know if he just fell out of love with me.
I don't know when he decided that it was too much work.

But I do know that I have lost a best friend.
I do know that I have lost my future.
He has shattered me to my very core.
My spirit is broken.
My hope has been taken.


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