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Friday, June 02, 2006

How To Get Over A Guy ...

This post is courtesy of our guest blogger, Britton*.

Things that you should do this weekend:
1) Run "someone" over with your car.
2) Slash a car tire of "someone."
3) Call "someone" an asshole 5 times fast. Then do it again.
4) Subscribe to a bunch of embarrassing website mailing lists under "someone's" name and email address.
5) Light "someone's" house on fire and stand outside as it burns down
(Would it be too much to laugh at this point? NOPE!)
6) Laugh at this point.
7) Break into his house and steal all your stuff back. Preferably before the burning, but it's okay to do it after too.
8) Find "someone", kick him in the shins and run.
9) Do a bunch of stuff he hated ... like listening to Celine Dion.
10) "If I had a husband, it wouldn't be 'someone'." Play that game.

*I stole the guest blogging idea from Shari


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