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my name is anika. a-nick-a. not a-neek-a ... and yes, people HAVE told me before that it's like annikin skywalker. but i'm not.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Treasury Notes From My Mind ...

Britton has suggested a name change from "Sperm Donor Awareness Day" to "Sperm Donor Thanksgiving Day" ... I like it.


And I received this email from a stranger yesterday:

"I'll want to tell you this little story ... part one: She used the elevator like every day. But this Monday everything was different, because the elevator stoppt suddenly between the 83 und 84 floor.....and then the light also goes out and she was only with a strange man in the close elevator ....she try to speak to him.....but he didn't answering..... at the next moment she felt his breath nearly to her...oops
24 hours of darkness( that's my title) far as the framework of the it's time to fill the contents of the 2 persons ..oh what would happens if you and I would be located there?? Can we both imagine such a situation ?? I close my eyses and count to ten...why now?? nevertheless it's darkly here in the elevator!!!! about what will we speak the past ore the future??......
please dear Anika can you tell me something in part two?"

Suggestions for part II anyone?


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