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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Like The Whispering Winds In The Tops Of The Trees ...

Melissa and Ant, mod podging is like gluey stuff and you can make collages with it. And I do. (this is the link if you wanna have the full explanation)


Last night the ex-boyfriend was in my dream (not my dreamS. My dreaM). I was trying to help him out but he was being a dink. I woke up annoyed.
The last time he was in my dream, he was scaring me with a spider. I woke up mad.
And the time before that when he was in my dream he was telling me how he was sleeping with some girl. And my reaction was disinterested and unconcerned. I woke up disinterested and unconcerned.


This is the funniest (and SADDEST. Very sad.) story. You've gotta read it.


Yesterday I was laughing with my Mom-Friend about how our kids are too cool to be lovey-dovey to us when we drop them off at school sometimes. My remedy for that is honking and waving as he walks away.

And then when I put Jakey to bed last night he gave me the biggest ever hug and was like "I'm glad I have you for a mom."
"Why," I asked,"Because I beat you?"
"No, because you're just nice to me and you're funny."

It was a moment. I liked it.


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