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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Treasures Found ...

Everyone makes mistakes. I have made my share and more in my life and I like to think I learn from them, but many times I know I haven't ... Sometimes I've even convinced myself they were good choices (don't look at me like that, you've done it too) ...

Have you ever had a friend, or friends who it's as if God made them just for you?
Like you've never laughed so hard in your life as when you have been with them.
And they could hurt you to the core with a single word, just because you love them so much.
And you are just yourself.
And you have never had so much fun no matter what you're doing as when you're with them.
And when you need to cry, you can sob and your nose can run and your makeup can smear and they love you.
And you have the stupidest ever inside jokes that you laugh at every time because they're yours.
I have had friends like this.
Everybody should be lucky enough to have friends like this.
It's a mistake to let them go.

Stan Smyl? Kenny Rogers? I. Love. You. (and I still have my Player Card)


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