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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Insert First Few Seconds of the Forget About Dre Song (by Eminem) Here ...

... because you know at the start of that song? It's kind of like a sneaky soundtrack. But not the rest of the song; just the start before the rapping.

And that's what I wanted to bring to your attention: Have you ever realized how immensely funny sneak attacking is?! It is without a doubt the FUNNIEST THING EVER! Ponder the different types of sneak attacks:

- sneak attack by tackling (this can also be called 'attackling'). So funny, right?

- sneak attack by water fighting. This is a great idea to do sometimes in the house (it's sneakier). A friend and I had the hugest waterfight ever at my old house when I lived with mes parents (they weren't home) and it was crazy. And great. Another good one is when Jake was having a waterfight with my stepdad and Jake turned off the hose (my stepdad's weapon) and sneaked* up on him with his watergun. Yes. Sneak attack by water fight is fabulous.

- sneak attack by film. Sometimes when you're taking pictures or making a video (*cough* Phil *cough*) you have to sneak attack innocent bystanders and get them involved. This is great when you're in Central Park** and you're doing the Anika Cry*** and strangers are turning to stare so you video tape them staring at you. Tres funny. TRES.

- sneak attack by food. This one is great when you do it without even knowing you've done it. Like when you make a baked potato for someone (*cough* Andrew *cough*) and then he discovers that the potato is rotten inside (I didn't do it on purpose I PROMISE). Or? My sister has a friend that (for reasons unbeknownst to me, but great nonetheless) every time cake is eaten, said friend gets the piece of cake that a carrot has been put into.

Oh man. I like sneak attacks.

*sneaked is a better word than snuck
**I have never been there.
***If you know me, you know the Anika Cry. It involves loud wailing and then laughing.


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