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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

20 Things I Have Learned In The Last Two Years ...

1. Grandparents have very romantic stories ... More on that in future posts ...
2. I'll admit it (I already have) ... I'm excited for Rock of Love 3 ... Rock of Love 2 was almost too much to handle. It was the cream of the crop, as far as trashy tv goes.
3. My natural hair color is actually not bad. I had been dying it since I was a teenager ... Weird.
4. My hair, partly because of genes, will also never be thick and luscious and bodilicious ... Cute hair will have to suffice. And changing hair is definitely funner than leaving it the same way for EVER.
5. I can shoot a Colt Carbine (9mm semi-automatic rifle) with 100% accuracy. Not too shabby!
6. I can't go into Costco and spend less than $200.
7. It is worth it to say the truth. The truth really does make you free.
8. We're here for a good time, not a long time ...
9. Some of the happiest people are people who don't have a lot ...
10. I always thought marriage would leave me trapped. But instead, it gave me wings (marriage = Redbull?)
11. In a situation where there is imminent danger, where I have to act within a split second and be held accountable and scrutinized for every action I take, I don't clam up or hesitate ... I'm your girl!
12. If there's ice cream in the freezer, I'll probably eat it. And I don't even really like ice cream (exception: Marble Slab's Birthday Cake ice cream with Butterfinger and raspberries)
13. I really am not one of those crazy parents who takes their kids' sports too seriously ... You know, the ones that yell at their kids and get stressed out at sports games? Yah.
14. Most of the time church has nothing at all to do with God. And that is one of the most difficult places to find Him.
15. There is simply no thing that gives me more joy than seeing my kids happy**.
16. I like learning. I need a change of scenery and a new project every once in awhile.
17. I'm not responsible for other peoples' stupid mistakes ... And they don't reflect on me.
18. As crazy as it may sound, labour was one of the most beautiful and precious memories I have ever had.
19. I am so thankful for my family, and the close-ness we have now. It took awhile to get here, but it was worth the wait.
20. Peace, joy, love, freedom ... These things come when you stop looking desperately for them. And they taste sweeter than I ever could have imagined

** sidenote: I was flipping through the radio channels and heard this on a program: "I think my favorite phrase from the book is 'an unhappy child is a healthy child' " ... What?! ... Thinking they must have a reeeeally good explanation for this I continued listening ... Nope, they didn't even qualify it!! My kids are healthy and happy, thankyouverymuch. [rant over]


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