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Friday, September 23, 2005

Why The Next 3 Weekends Rock ...

This Weekend:
- I'm getting my hair cut so that it can look normal.
- I'm going to Bard on the Beach to see Love's Labour's Lost, which I've never seen before or read.
- I'm going to Granville Island, which happens to be the only place I know to buy the best yogurt EVER (Liberty Méditerranée). In fact, on occasion I drive all the way there just to get some. And I don't even like yogurt.
- I'm gonna try not to dwell on the things that are stressing me out so much that I'm sick to my stomache and want to curl up with some tequila and die.

Next Weekend:
- I'm going to the Canucks game.

The Weekend After That:
- It's a long weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving).
- It's my birthday weekend, which includes an extravaganza to the Blarney Stone with my girls.

liaes8yralsuifyc ulifyc kidzufyleorcditolwey (<-- that means I'm excited.)


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