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Monday, November 21, 2005

Vot Vee Did ...

This weekend consisted of:

- Jacob and I going for a 'date' to a Junior A hockey game. He mostly watched the mascot. And I got stuck sitting beside a woman who couldn't turn down the volume on her internal dialogue (it sounded something like this: "oh my GOD he is skating so close to our player, can you BELIEVE the ref didn't call that?! Oh ouch, did you SEE him slide into the boards? Well he should get a penalty for that. He took the puck away from our team, that's not very nice. Jesus CHRIST guys* that was a bad move"

- voting. Ok, this is a tricky one, folks, because in truth I thought it was the federal** election. I ended up voting for the wrong mayor by accident (the good one still won) and I basically voted for the other guys in alphabetical order. Plus I didn't vote for Stephen L. something-or-other because, come on, if you have to use your full name and middle initial, you're too self-important for the job.

- winning a round of drinks at a pub with Firefighter Jen because Trevor Linden scored a goal

- Jacob getting his hair cut (which he likes despite the fact it "makes my head cold")

It was a good weekend.

*at which point Jake turned fully around in his seat to stare at the woman.
**is federal even the right word? I mean the one where we vote in the premier and prime minister and all that


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