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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Oh Le Horreur!

For you sillies who don't know what 'natch' is, it's 'naturally' but without the 'urally.' Kind of a slang, if you will ...

So ... This morning I heard that there's new studies that say Canadians have more road rage than Americans. What the dick*? I'd like them to reconsider.

Here we have Exhibit A. Now, I admit, the 'daggers moving from my eyes' is a little bit of a giveaway of a teeeeeensie weeeeeensie bit of anger. But it's the guy's own fault!!

Here we have Exhibit B. This one could be a little damning just because I actually admitted to road rage.

Here we have Exhibit C. This is where the thumbs-up-instead-of-fingering-people was introduced. I. Am. So proud of myself for being so nice.

Here we have Exhibit D. Ok, so I admitted to really bad road rage. But I didn't yell or finger or anything. Just the trusty thumbs up, yessiree.

Here we have Exhibit E. Just some innocent racing.

Here we have Exhibit F. Just some innocent racing again, whilst trying to get the dick* away from the sketchy 'Bullet Transport' truck. Yikes.

Well, all in all, friends, I don't know if I have a significant-significant-significant amount of road rage. Certainly not more than the average Canadian.

*'dick' is clearly 'dickens' without the 'ens.'


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