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Friday, July 28, 2006

The Men In My Life ...

Because I am a reformed man-hater and because I have had contact with so many guys who are tote luses in my life, I sometimes am in awe of what amazing men I currently have around me ...

Jacob. You are the greatest little kid I have ever known. It makes me laugh that we joke about me beating you and you yell "HEY MOM, WHY DON'TCHA BEAT ME UP?!" in the grocery store, for instance. Even when you are driving me to drink I love you. And when you ask Jason if he's going to kiss me and then say "good" when his answer is yes. I like you, kiddo.

Jason. You are so amazingly funny and thoughtful. And we have good talks. And dammit, I'm going to get rid of my trophy one of these days, whaddaya say about that? I'm pretty happy we passed the first round of Deal Breakers*. It's good. And I'm really happy in general. It's almost disgusting. But I like it.

Phil. You are such an amazing friend and you encourage me like none other and you are so thoughtful. I absolutely love you (and will fight you, but you already know that). I am so blessed to have you in my life. And I have never not had a good time when we're together. 4-4 and 10-10. It's a sign.

*Deal Breakers is a game we made up that every week we have to do something that the other person might not like and then if the other person ends up not liking it, we have to break up. This last week it was Love Actually for him (he liked it) and Punch-Drunk Love for me (I liked it about 86%)


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