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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Surplus ...

Yesterday Jacob said to me "I told Grampie that I saw a cute girl at camp today" which took me by surprise because, well, he's not even quite eight years old.
My stepdad said "yah he's been checking out girls already, that's kind of interesting, hey?"
me: "Um, yes. Why were you checking out girls, Jake?"
Jacob: "Well she was just really cute ... And I had to look at her, she was leading the camp"
me: "Oh so she was older ... What did she look like?"
Jacob: "I don't remember."



Remember the boy Jason that I've slyly been mentioning? (and by 'sly' I mean 'not-sly-at-all') ... Well he's my boyfriend. So yes. And I like him a lot. And he's amazing and he's hot and he tells great stories and he's extremely funny and Jacob likes him and he's adventurous and we made up a Deal Breaker game and Phil loves him and we want to race my sister and her boyfriend across Canada.


My sister's boyfriend Than is the nicest ever in the history of the world because he is a milk man and he gives us cappuccino drinks. And my sister? Sometimes I just want to squish her because I just love her so much and we have the same laugh because yesterday we were laughing and it was the same.


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