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Monday, July 31, 2006

This Weekend In Math:

We went to my sister's boyfriend's cabin this weekend. I have some great pictures. And Jason has some great (and incriminating) video.

0 girls who swam

+1 makeshift birthday cake for Jacob made out of a chocolate chip muffin and matches for candles
+1 row boat adventure that involved rowing backwards, romance and laughing
+1 breakfast of Smirnoff and eggs
+1 ride on the quad where I almost fell right off
+1 car getting stuck and having to be pulled up the hill by the quad
+1 very intense game of Trivial Pursuit 90's Edition

+2 litres of oil added to my car after I added oil to my car on Friday because it still wasn't registering on the dipstick (Iamashamed)
+2 boys who swam. Twice.
+2 amazingly good sleeps because those beds were extremely comfy

+6(ish) total hours of driving

I had somuchfun.


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